The Journey

The snow gently drifted down outside and the cold air was kept at bay by the soothing embers burning in the fireplace. Jack had spent the last few days at his great uncle’s house and had arrived home that very day after a long journey.
Upon arrival, it felt like a weight had lifted from his shoulders, for the route back was treacherous and he did not wish to be stuck outside in the cold.
He breathed a sigh of relief, lit the fire, poured himself a glass of wine and after a few sips soon drifted off to sleep.


I thoroughly enjoyed creating this scene. I made it using Unreal 4 and Blender, although it was primarily created in Unreal 4.
It is a bit of a water-shed for me as well, for it is the first time I have created a scene where some of the 3D models were made by me (All the vases and the Christmas presents under the tree were created in Blender by me).
Also it is the first time I have rigged a character and created an animation. Although it’s a very simple animation of the Victorian man sitting down and slowly breathing. This was a learning experience and during the process it got quite fiddly to be honest! However, now I have actually done it – I have seen that rigging is pretty straight forward and animations, although can be time consuming are nothing to be afraid of!

Technical Details:

Software: Unreal 4.
All other objects: Vases, Painting, Presents under the tree: Created by Chris J Mitchell. Sound Effects:
Editing and colour correction: DaVinci Resolve
Victorian Christmas Ambiance