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The Departure

“The Departure” – In this novel, Olivia Dell has awoken to a new world. She found her friend, John Williams, murdered in a brutal and unexplained attack…

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In one of the far-flung corners of the Iceni Kingdom, a Mage wonders into a remote village. The inhabitants of the village, all farmers or tradesman, are at first bemused by this incoherent visitor, but realise little the magnitude of the situation he brings with him…

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The Ghost of Our Beliefs

Ever since Joshua was a child his mind has been pragmatic and his beliefs planted firmly in facts and reason.

His heartfelt understanding of the world though is disrupted by the strange sighting of an unexplained figure or what is more commonly thought of as a ghost

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An Unexpected Letter

A short story about the curious case of an unexpected letter, a Grandson, and his eccentric Grandmother, who was recently deceased.

It is free to download as an ebook on google play and other online book stores, and also can be read in the blog.


Origins of cinema

This non-fiction book provides a short and concise overview of the vastly complex history of the origins of cinema. From the very first zoetropes and magic lanterns, to the first motion capture film cameras…

Earlier Work


Arthur Lockwood is an historian famous for his research into myths and legends. Whilst studying the ancient myth…

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Ghost Stories

This book contains a collection of original short stories written by Chris J Mitchell. They are set in the Victorian period…

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The Return- Ghost Stories

In this short ghost story, a young Victorian woman stays alone in the countryside in a family cottage. The cottage she is preparing to be sold to support her because of the death of her husband. However, she uncovers some unsettling truths, in this classic Victorian style ghost story.

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An ancient myth that haunts a small village in England, about an executioner that comes back from the dead to carry out chilling murders, is turning into a reality. As once again the executioner returns.

Although what slowly appears to be a connected series of chilling murders, shows that a far deeper mystery is occurring in this sleepy village.

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Ghost Stories
A man investigates an ancient myth in the deep countryside. A myth that originates from reported hauntings that took place long ago, but these hauntings he does not believe happened and feels are nothing more than rumour and superstition. Although when he visits the location of this myth his eyes are opened to the reality of what is really happening.
Ghost Stories
A man awakens to a world where he is halfway between the living and the dead.

Taylor Sage - Short Horror Story
Taylor Sage, a tracker of great skill with much military experience, is hired by a wealthy businessman to find a missing woman. This woman, en route across country to her father’s estate for a marriage she did not want, but has gone missing along with all those in the party she was travelling with. Taylor sets off in search of her only to uncover a far greater mystery.


A mysterious book that writes itself with no logical explanation. Is chanced upon by an unsuspecting book shop owner. The mystery and the fear are only heightened when the writing starts to reveal answers that can save the lives of others and reveal those who have committed murders.

a very english affiar

In this dark comedy set in the idyllic English countryside. The local Lord hires a new physician to help him with his failing health.

However, it is not long before strange things start to happen in the village and two inquisitive local residents search to reveal an unexpected truth!