All Hallows’ Eve and the Myth of Devolugu


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A Celtic Mystery

Arthur Lockwood,

is an historian famous for his research into mythology. But whilst studying the ancient myth of Devolugu, he takes residence in a small town in Maine; where the local museum has taken on loan several ancient Celtic artifacts. These objects may hold further insights into the myth and Arthur finds himself academically drawn to them.

During his stay,

one evening, Arthur receives a phone call from a security guard at the museum. A guard whom he has become good friends with and often shares a tale or two, but this call is no social matter and his heart races as he is told there have been several strange and baffling sounds emanating from deep in the museum.

Arthur needs no persuasion

and drives to the museum, so he can investigate this occurrence. He thinks, of course, this is likely to be nothing, but he is little unaware of the dangers that lie ahead.