Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories



Death is not the end

This book is a collection of six original short ghost and horror stories.

All of these short stories are set in the Victorian time period and have been influenced by the classic Victorian style of chilling ghost stories. “The Return” sets the scene in the English countryside and the unfortunate visit by a young lady, Olivia, who stumbles across a most mysterious and haunting plot. One that leaves great mystery that is further explored in a follow-up novel – “The Departure.” 

This is in a sense a traditional ghost story,

although the reader should note that ‘Angelus Letum’ and ‘Taylor Sage’ far more follow a horror narrative and the reader should not expect to see any occurrences of ghosts, although their might be a rare occurrence in ‘Taylor Sage’. ‘Scribe’ and ‘In the shadow of Emotions’ are ghostly tales that aim for an original take whilst retaining a traditional eerie story.


These short stories

can also be purchased separately and contained in this book are; Angelus Letum, In The Shadow of Emotions, Scribe, The Return, Taylor Sage and There were rumours.

Chris J Mitchell: “This is the first set of short stories I’ve ever written and it was in part a learning experience, but an experience that I greatly enjoyed and found myself thoroughly engaged with”