The Ghosts of Our Beliefs

The Ghost of Our Beliefs


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Everything is not what it seems

Joshua is a retired engineer,

but was not just an engineer by trade; he was one by heart. Ever since he was a child he has been fascinated by the mechanisms and machines that the human race has created. His mind is methodical, pragmatic and his beliefs stand firm in facts and reason. What is observable, testable and measurable is what exists and everything else is simply myth or speculation.

His heartfelt understanding

of the world though is disrupted and altered by the strange sighting of an unexplained figure or what is more commonly thought of as a ghost. Will this experience alter his beliefs or will the ghosts of his previous values stand firm?

For to Joshua his old beliefs about the fundamentals of life have been put into a new perspective. They are not broken or no longer trusted, and in fact far from that, but now they are open to evaluation and also to a shift in how they cultivate the views that Joshua has on life.

In this stand alone short story,

will the beliefs of Joshua stand firm or will he come to accept the world and to a greater extent the Universe is a complex place where everything is not what it appears.

Chris J Mitchell: “This story is not about a ghost or the character of one, but the sighting of what the main character assumes is a ghost serves the premise of the book well. Everything we see in life is not black and white. Our beliefs are not always correct and even when we are sure of something we should always be open to changing our minds.”