“Count Magnus” is the sixth story in the first collection of ghost stories published by M. R. James, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. In this ghost story a British traveler in Sweden stumbles upon the history of a mysterious and ominous figure, Count Magnus.

M R JamesM R James (Montague Rhodes James), born 1st August 1862 and passed away on the 12th June 1936, was a scholar and provost at Cambridge University. Though he is perhaps most well known for his ghost stories of which are considered the best of his era and have gone down as classic Victorian ghostly tales.

This audiobook recording is narrated by Paul Ford and has been produced by Chris J Mitchell. Paul is an actor with a growing repertoire and regularly performs with the London theatre company – Scaffold State. For more info on Paul, please also see his website here paulford.com This recording is also available on SoundCloud – Count Magnus. For further audiobook recordings please also see the audiobook page in this website.