Show, Don’t Tell:

If you are writing fiction then you have probably heard this term many times before, but for my ‘show, don’t tell’ posts – I have broken the analysis up into three parts, so as to slowly describe the technique.

In writing (both fiction and non-fiction) the addition of a few simple details, such as by adding feelings or thoughts, you can greatly develop a sentence. Thus giving it depth to draw in the reader and to clearly express yourself.

I started below by randomly writing a simple sentence and then by giving it a little thought I developed it and wrote the second sentence.

  1. The boy walked down the street towards his grandmother’s house.
  2. The boy, dragging his feet along the pavement, approached his grandmother’s house with sweaty palms and trepidation, for the fear of kisses and ruffled hair was increasing with each step.

Part 2: Show, Don’t Tell – (The Cat)