There is a strange phenomenon that appears to be affecting people from around the world, and it is only getting worse.

The affliction is easy to summarise — people are using gym equipment to sit or lay on while they look at their mobile phones. Let’s delve deeper into the strange new world of gyms turning into restrooms.

Pexels: Bruce Mars

It is true, that gym equipment has become far more comfortable in the past decade and with new types and advances, and it has become far more difficult not to use gym equipment for having a rest and looking at what’s going on in social media, the news or youtube.

But scientists are yet to work out why people would pay to enter an establishment only to distracted by the latest cat videos.

The renowned scientist — Dr Brian Longface was noted to say:

Many people are’nt aware they’re even using their phones at the gym, whilst others have questioned why they should be forced to exercise when they can look at random stuff and generally gaze at things on their phones.

This makes little sense! But stories are being spread of short queues forming at bench presses and rowing machines, for as one person finishes their round of digital nose-diving, the next comes in to have a proper sit-down and check what they checked five minutes ago is still as the same as before.

Jimmy Free Weights, who runs a gym in London was quoted as saying:

Either way, people are paying to use the gym, so we don’t enforce the use of equipment for exercise purposes, but we are considering setting up a new room, for a small extra fee, where people can just sit down and look at their phones.

Also, a team from MIT have begun a study of this new phenomenon and intend to come back with answers. Although the timeline for the study has been delayed because they have been constantly checking their phones, and although this has not been productive, it has given them a few laughs.

For the time being at least, it appears this phenomenon is here to stay and as long as there are things to be distracted with, many of us are happy to let the world pass by.

This subtle satire is related to the serious issue of digital addiction. If you are looking for ways to wean yourself from the distractions of your mobile please see the article here.

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