I have seen many posts on how to get your book free on Amazon, but the simplest way I have found is just to ask Amazon! Although this now may be more common knowledge I have detailed out the process below.

  1. Make sure your book is not enrolled in ‘KDP Select’ (this makes it exclusive to Amazon).
  2. Set your book to 0 (free) on a different online book store. (E.g. Google Play or Kobo).
  3. Go to your KDP author account and go to the ‘Help’ section (top right corner link on the main page).
  4. From the list on the left select pricing and then send a message.
  5. From my experience, this has worked every time. Although I understand that Amazon change prices at their own discretion, so it not work for every request.

Get Book Free on Amazon

This is what I put in the message:


Please can this short story (An Unexpected Letter) be priced at 0. (Please see links below for the book on Amazon).


This short story is free on all other online bookstores it is placed, so setting to this price would match the price on Amazon.

On Amazon:

Google play:

Many Thanks,

The reply I got is below and the price was matched to free 🙂

Amazon Email