The river edge was known by locals as a place for meditation, relaxation and contemplation. So when I found the remote location, I had high expectations, although I was warned to bring none with me and only to take in and experience, without distraction, what I saw, felt and heard.

What I experienced did not disappoint, and as the sunset on the horizon, I took in the sounds, sights and soft breeze that touched the skin of my face.

The lapping sounds of water against the shoreline, the bats that flow above the water and the red and yellow tint of light that touched the land, all combined to swell an inner feeling of peace.


  • A Motions in Pictures Production
  • Filmed and Produced by Chris J Mitchell
  • Editing and post-production: DaVinci Resolve.
  • Camera: Sony A7RII Mirrorless DSLR (4k Video)