old myths and dark elfs

Oh, what delight we took when grandmother gathered us around the fireplace and enthralled us with tales of ancient myths. 

Even today, the crackle from an open fire can trigger the fond memory of these nights. The stories of brave souls, foolish men and greedy children would charm or scare us to death in a single evening. – And often they would do both.

But we took away great fables, moral warnings and stories that helped us keep on the straight and narrow.

Also, if it were not for such stories, I would be a man most mystified at this very moment. For upon my routine walk, I’ve encountered the most incredible sight.

The two demon sheep of Cernunnos. This story, as you may guess, is not a common one! And has been forgotten in the sands of time by most of the living. But, it appears to be a real one – For I have just glanced up to the ridge of a hill and on the north side are two sheep, with red eyes, mercilessly grazing the green land. From ancient chronicles, they cannot die or be harmed, and must be kept locked away in the underworld. Otherwise, they may eat all our socks!

Still, the dark elf Jack, with his impressive stature, bold dark features and tall figure that towers over everything, has sprung to the top of the hill. It is his ordained task to leap into action and capture these sheep if they ever escape.

The pounding of my weak heart has slowed for I know that he never fails. Still, his appearance is one that leaves me both terrified and amazed. Amazed for I have sighted three of the most obscure creatures of the underworld, and terrified for I likely have never been so close to death!

And what an embarrassing death it would have been at the hooves of two sheep. For soon they will be ushered back to their rightful dwelling and no one would have known they are immortal bruisers!

This short story is in response to Sue Vincents photo prompt