The Mage of Appleberry

The Mage of Appleberry

In one of the far-flung corners of the Iceni Kingdom, a Mage wonders into a remote village. The inhabitants of the village, all farmers or tradesman, are at first bemused by this incoherent visitor.

He has the appearance of someone who at one time may have been grand and well settled into his role as a Mage. But bad times have fallen upon him, or perhaps bad magic, in other words, a lack of skill that has caused harm to his own mind.

In this world of magic and mages, kingdoms and supernatural foes, magic is regarded highly, but also with great caution. It goes without saying that magic is a dangerous pursuit. Much like gun powder, sharp blades or arrows. Magic can be as dangerous to its user, as those that are on the receiving end of it, whether from good or bad intentions.

The Mage of Appleberry is an upcoming novel by Chris J Mitchell.

It is presently in the process of being revised, polished and publishers being approached. For further information please get in touch through the contact page or see more info in the blog or social channels.

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The inhabitants…

after some getting used to the strange visitor, accept their new resident, even though they can make little sense of him and his limited vocabulary. They have neither the time or more importantly the money to try and help this poor fellow recover his mind.

But they do not mind him staying in the village, for he can help with basic chores and as long as he does no magic, he does no harm. Which you may be thinking is a little odd, as one of the main duties of a Mage is magic. This though is where the story starts and unfolds into a grand tale.

Village - Appleberry - Final

An Elder Grey Wraith

The people living in the village are used to some strange sights, a ghost wandering in the distant forest, or a strange call during the night. Further a field in different regions there are giants, wraiths and all manner of forsaken supernatural creatures, or those that are dangerous only if you get in their way.

The villagers though are still disconcerted when the dead body of what appears to be another Mage is found in the near by forest. It has strange blast wounds to his body and an intricate tattoo that may or may not reveal who he is.

Some of the villagers are more than disconcerted, and are down right fearful for what this could signify. A one off event or something that heralds the on coming of something far more menacing?

Living out in the wilderness can be dangerous enough, but dark magic or a fearsome being from the netherworld strikes fear into their hearts. These fears are soon realised when an Elder Grey Wraith strikes at the village. An Elder Grey, that is, the most powerful form of Wraith in the Kingdom and rarely sighted in the region the village is in. What was it doing there? And does the Mage Appleberry have anything to do with it?

Elder Grey Wraith