Harper Lee

I am doing an short online course at the moment on ancient and rare Japanese books. And it has a excellent exercise where people are sharing the oldest book in their home. You can see the posts by clicking here
The oldest book I have in my flat is to Kill a mocking bird (printed in 1989). Which is relatively recent compared to some of the other excellent books that have been shared on the board. Although the content and quality of the book as I assume many or all of you will be well aware of is of a mighty high standard.
This is a really interesting task and it’s wonderful to see so many old books being shared. If I was at my parents house now, I am sure I would be able to share something of much greater age and my Dad has some books going back at least to the 1850’s. This task has really given me some food for thought and I will now be on the look out for some older books that I can treasure 🙂
It would also be great to hear from anyone reading this post about what is the oldest book you have in your home and post a reply about it here.