The Departure

A few updates in this post on the work I am focusing on now and in the near future!

The Departure: Presently I am focusing on the re-write of my first novel, The Departure. My plan is for this to be final draft before I move forward into the publishing phase. I have gotten some great feedback on this work and this has been invaluable in the updates that I have been making.

The Mage of Appleberry: After the Departure, I will be focusing on getting The Mage of Appleberry finished and ready for any drafting updates, before moving on to the publication phase. As time has passed I have become more and more engaged and intrigued by the characters in this book and it has been a joy to write. – I hope that those that read it will get the same enjoyment that I have gotten in writing it.Mage of Appleberry

Film Making and Animation: As some of you may be aware, I am now moving into the world of animation and will be mainly telling stories through animations. I will, of course, keep writing, but in the future, this will be mainly in the forms of scripts or treatments for my animations. Although I do intend to keep adding to the World of Appleberry and I won’t be leaving the enjoyment of crafting new stories and telling new tales in this magical world. For further info on my animation and film work – please see the motion of pictures website here.