If you are looking for prompts to get you writing a horror story, then look no further than below.

These are not the usual horror prompts you would see in a blog post, for they are not sentences are paragraphs to get you writing. But instead, they are ideas for how to get your imagination working without the constraint of a pre-written sentence.

  • Read other horror stories: Don’t copy the ideas from other stories, but least this will give you a feel for tone, pacing and description when it comes to writing horror. (For further info on ways to make your writing suspenseful – see this post here).
  • Get out there and explore: Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to inspire yourself to write good horror – is to visit a location that has the atmosphere or associations with elements of horror. For example a deserted mansion, an old ruin, or somewhere deep in the wilderness. This, of course, depends on where you live and where you can travel to. But actually experiencing such an environment could fill you full of ideas. (Remember to stay safe and if you go off exploring, go with someone else and let someone who isn’t going know where you’re off to).
  • Youtube: Search Youtube for some real-life scary videos, searches for videos such as top 10 ghosts caught on camera or deserted house exploration – provide a lot of entertaining and scary content.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is fantastic for creating boards on all different topics. Consider setting up a board and adding various horror story images to it. This will be a mood board where you may get some great ideas for writing horror stories. Here is a Pinterest board I created for campfire scenes and this has provided all types of inspiration for atmospheric campfire scenes for my writing.
  • Friends or Family: Ask friends or family if they have any horror or scary stories they may wish to share with you. – You may be surprised to hear some of the tales and scares they have in store.